Designers & Manufacturers of Custom Merchandisers
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Designers & Manufacturers of Custom Merchandisers

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Meet Our Team

  • Veronica ‘Ronnie’ Soltysiak - President

    As President, Ronnie oversees day to day operations and the financials of the company. She has a dedication to investing in innovation and technology, that has helped the company stream line projects and production runs, while maintaining cost effective facilities and operations that allow flexibility of growth and savings to the customer.

  • Xavier Garcia - Vice President of Sales

    Working directly with the customer to take an initial concept and bring it to creation is Xavier’s main goal. He coordinates projects and works hand in hand with our designers, engineers and prototype team in a open communication system to bring workable designs, displays and fixtures that meet the customer needs in a timely manner.

  • Edwin Brand - Director of Operations

    Overseeing all areas of manufacturing production, Edwin starts by implementing engineering plans to produce a product that can be manufactured efficiently. With the ability to change according to production runs, from floor layouts and machinery, to growing and shrinking the needed workforce and workspace square footage, Edwin oversee each and every area of the process and is constantly striving to lower waste and overhead, which provides a lower cost and higher quality product to the customer.

  • Lori Jean Brand - Senior Project Manager

    From ordering, inventory, product control, project scheduling and a hundred other little details that complete a project, Lori Jean oversees each of them. Her most important job is as liaison to the customer. From prototype and P.O. to shipping to the customer’s door, she will see a project through from beginning to end.

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