Designers & Manufacturers of Custom Merchandisers
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Specializing In Custom Fabrication Of POP Displays, Merchandisers, Racks, Fixtures, Grids, Grilles, Guards, Baskets, Rings, In Steel Aluminum. Sheet Metal Tubing Manufactured To Customer specs and more...give us a call today. 877-787-9473


Full Services For Your Every Need

A metal designer/manufacturer listening closely to you. Asking what you need. Understanding the realities you face in each and every challenge. Respecting your budget with solutions that reflect your vision, tailored to your application, to suit your needs. Even if it means designing something from scratch just for you.

Our flexible facilities cover over 100,000 Square feet to meet any size order.

All Phases Of Manufacturing

Assisting with all phases of manufacturing, your needs are challenging and your expectations are high, but meeting them with just the right combination of product, price and service is exactly what we do at B & J Wire Inc.. Beginning from your conceptual drawings and renderings, our experienced Design & Engineering department can quickly help move you through the prototype phase with our fully equipped model shop, into the actual production run.

Metal Fabrication

As a longtime leader in metal fabrication we could construct & design anything from small wire pockets to full sized store fixtures ranging in anything from personal products, automotive and even general merchandising. POP is the industry we are designed to serve primarily, but who we are is a multi-purpose metal fabricator.

Through the use of advanced machinery combined with steel tubing, steel wire and steel sheets we manufacture to suit your needs.

Our Processes Include

  • Wire Cutting
  • CNC Wire Bending
  • Sheet Metal Cutting & Punching
    • Shear
    • Turret Punching
    • Laser Cutting
  • Automated Grid Welding
  • Single Head Resistance Welding
  • Multi head Resistance Welding
  • Mig (Metal Inert Gas) Welding
  • Tig (Tongueston Inert Gas) welding
  • CNC Press Brake

We can also work from already fabricated prototypes, technical drawings or even hand drawn sketches.

For finishing touches we work closely with local powdercoaters to add savings and then custom pack to meet your needs in our distrubution center centraly located in chicago exactly between all 3 of our major expressways.

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