Designers & Manufacturers of Custom Merchandisers
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At B & J Wire we recognize that, in order for us to be your preferred supplier of wire and sheet metal goods, we must consistently produce the highest quality product at the lowest effective cost. Our products are always shipped on time, complete and to our customer's satisfaction.


Our Committment To Quality

Since 1981 B & J Wire has served a wide range of customers throughout the world. Our company is driven by the commitment to meet and over exceed our clients needs. We have been providing custom merchandisers to major companies with an excellent track record of repeating customers.

Why Choose B & J Wire

Working together with your team, B & J uncovers the business opportunities that hold the greatest potential for your project. Using proprietary analytic and strategic techniques, we then go further, refining this data into penetrating insights. The goal is to reveal opportunities your project can trim on cost and timelines. Here's how we align projects with singular opportunities in their custom market design:


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